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The following table shows the plugins, which are available from this site (click on a plugin-name to get more information).

Name Version Short Description Type
ART 0.2.0 Handle signals recorded for ART-Study PLUGIN_ACCESS
cfs 0.2.0 Handle signals saved using the CED Filing System (CFS) PLUGIN_ACCESS
ctg-rasch 0.2.0 Handle cardiotocogram signals exported from GMT system PLUGIN_ACCESS
ctg-sonicaid 0.1.0 Handle cardiotocogram signals saved with the Oxford FetalCare system PLUGIN_ACCESS
dadisp 0.1.0 Handle signals saved a DaDisp signal file format PLUGIN_ACCESS
dasylab 0.2.0 Handle signals recorded using DasyLab PLUGIN_ACCESS
edf/edf+ 0.3.1 Handle signals recorded using European Data Format(+) PLUGIN_ACCESS
ishne-holter 0.2.1 Handle signals saved using ISHNE standard output for Holter ECG PLUGIN_ACCESS
mit-bih 0.3.1 Handle signals recorded using the MIT/BIH Data Format (Physiobank data sets) PLUGIN_ACCESS
portapres 0.1.2 Handle signals recorded with Portapres-System PLUGIN_ACCESS
poly5/tms32 0.2.0 Handle signals recorded using TMS ADC system and PortiLab PLUGIN_ACCESS
read-rri 0.1.0 Handle RR interval-files (nearly the final design) PLUGIN_ACCESS
ap-morphology 0.3.0 get systolic and diastolyc values and positions of aterial pressure waves PLUGIN_PROCESS
calibration 0.2.0 measure calibration signals in a recording PLUGIN_PROCESS
dawes-redman 0.1.1 calculate FHR variations using the Dawes/Redman criteria PLUGIN_PROCESS
detect-ctg 0.1.2 perform detections in cardiotocograms PLUGIN_PROCESS
detect-simple 0.2.0 a simple beat-detection algorithm PLUGIN_PROCESS
ecg 0.3.0 perform ecg specific actions after reading original evaluation or doing detect using libRASCH PLUGIN_PROCESS
fiducial-point 0.2.0 finds fiducial point of a QRS-complex PLUGIN_PROCESS
freq-analysis 0.2.1 perform frequency analysis PLUGIN_PROCESS
hrv 0.2.0 calculate heart rate variability (HRV) parameters PLUGIN_PROCESS
template 0.3.0 combine events in templates PLUGIN_PROCESS
respiration 0.1.2 calculates respiration parameters PLUGIN_PROCESS
ch-select-dlg 0.2.1 dialog for selecting channels which will be used for processing PLUGIN_GUI
cont-ap-view 0.1.5 view for continues arterial pressure recordings PLUGIN_VIEW
ctg-view 0.1.4 view for cardiotocograms PLUGIN_VIEW
ecg-view 0.1.5 view for ecg's PLUGIN_VIEW
eval-dlg 0.1.2 a dialog showing all evaluations for a measurement PLUGIN_GUI
plot-view 0.1.3 plot evaluation data PLUGIN_VIEW
plugin-info-dlg 0.1.3 a dialog showing the list of all loaded plugins PLUGIN_GUI
rasch-view 0.2.2 general view for libRASCH, handling all views PLUGIN_VIEW
sig-sel-dlg 0.2.1 dialog to choose signales which can be handled with libRASCH PLUGIN_GUI
simple-calc-dlg 0.1.2 dialog to perform calculations using process plugins PLUGIN_GUI
template-view 0.1.4 view for templates PLUGIN_VIEW
ts-view 0.4.5 view for time-series PLUGIN_VIEW