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About libRASCH

Devices for the measurement of signals use different data formats to store the data on disk.
libRASCH provides a common interface to access such signals, regardless in which format they are stored. The library is written in C and is available for

  • Windows
  • Linux
Additionally, it provides support for processing (e.g. detects beats in an ECG) and viewing the signals. This functionality and the access to the various file formats is realized with plugins. Each plugin is responsible for one specific task (e.g. 'provide access to European Data Format' or 'calculate heart rate variability parameters'). This allows an easy extension of the supported formats and the processing and viewing capabilities of libRASCH.

libRASCH provides additional interfaces for

Further interfaces are planned for
  • C++ (object-oriented interface)
  • Java
  • R

libRASCH is published under the GNU Lesser General Public License. On this page you will find more about the license.

Up to now the main focus of libRASCH is to handle biological signals (e.g. ECG, eeg, blood pressure) but the design of the library allows to handle any kind of signals.

For downloading libRASCH, go to this page. An overview of the design of libRASCH can be found here.

At the moment the audience for libRASCH are programmers. In the future it is planned to provide tools and programs (based on libRASCH) which allows the average users to access and process signals through a graphical user interface.

If you have any questions or comments about libRASCH, please send an email to Raphael Schneider or subscribe the libRASCH mailing list.



5-.-0.2005 27: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.7.4

Major Changes are
  • fixed memory usage in plugins returning results (if anyone experience a crash in Matlab after several ra_lib_open/ra_lib_close sequences, this should be solved now)
  • fixed a lot of small bugs
For a detailed list of changes please check the ChangeLog

2-.-0.2005 26: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.7.3

Major Changes are
  • EDF+ plugin: handle more than one annotation channel
  • signal-selection dialog: in the Win32 version, the directory of the last selected signal will be selected initially
For a complete list of changes please check the ChangeLog

2-.-1.2004 22: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.7.2

Major Changes are
  • EDF+ plugin: in EDF+D records, combine succeeding data records into one session when they are continuous in time
  • calibration plugin: improved detection of calibration pulses
For a complete list of changes please check the ChangeLog

1-.-1.2004 16: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.7.1

Major Changes are
  • added a plugin which measure calibration signals (up to now only calibration pulses) in a recording automatically
  • some bug-fixes and additons to the MIT/BIH (PhysioNet) access plugin
For a complete list of changes please check the ChangeLog

0-.-1.2004 18: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.7.0

Major changes are
  • changed API functions getting the raw signal data
  • added i18n and l10n
  • revised the build system for Linux
A lot of minor additions/bug-fixes where done, for a detailed list of changes please look in the ChangeLog file coming with the distribution.

5-.-0.2004 27: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.6.1

Changes since 0.6.0
  • fixed small displacement of qrs complexes when editing beats
  • 'configure' script checks now which kind of Qt library (multi-threaded or non-multi-threaded) is installed
  • added missing event-file for example recording '100s'
  • fixed problems with CVS informations in distributed (and CVS managed) documentations
  • pdf versions of the documentation in the Windows binary distribution are now correct

5-.-0.2004 22: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.6.0

Changes are
  • changed API function names to be more consistent
  • added RASCHlab to the distribution
  • added/started new documentation
  • fixed some bugs and removed some memory leaks
For a detailed list of changes look in the ChangeLog file coming with the distribution.

1-.-0.2004 08: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.5.3

  • fixed problem in ap-morphology plugin when blood pressure signal starts with calibration sequence
  • man pages of API functions on Linux
  • added wrapper code in C header files needed for C++
  • get endianess of system during runtime
  • better calculation of available space for shown infos in ecg-view and blood-pressure-view plugins

2-.-1.2003 26: 0 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.5.2

major changes
  • build system for Linux works on Debian (tested on a Knoppix 3.3 installation)
  • in ecg- and cont-ap-view-plugins, the shown information depends on the available space (time resolution)
  • extended API to support general flags for events (e.g. event was edited by user)
  • move shown area during area selection when moving mouse outside the window
A detailed list can be found in the ChangeLog.

2-.-1.2003 04: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.5.1

  • added missing ctg-view plugin to distribution

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